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April 23, 2002



All recognized religions of the world show that divine preaching and miracles have always been co-related and all the prophet, Saints, messenger of God and founder of various world religions were endorsed with supernatural powers to propagate the divine message.
Gharib Nawaz (R.A) as one of the Wallie of Allah, was also endowed with such "Supernatural powers to propagate the divine message for this, I would say that his full life right from his birth till death was full of miracles. He did whatever, he wanted and the almighty always granted him blessing without any delay and if we discuss in deep about his miracles this full website will get completed in miracles only so I am writing few of his miracles.

Says Hazart Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A), " I never saw Hazart Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) angry with anyone as long as I remained with him. One day, Hazart Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) accompanied me and a servant Shaikh Ali were going out. Suddenly a man caught hold Shaikh Ali of his clothes and started abusing him. Hazart Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) asked the reason of the dispute. He said " Shaikh Ali is debtor and is not repaying the amount given to him." Khwaja Sahib (R.A) said, "Leave him. He will repay your debt." But the man again insisted. So Khwaja Sahib (R.A) got angry and he spread his shawl on the ground and asked to take from the shawl amount equal to the debt and warned not to take more than debt. The man picked up the money certainly more than the debt and soon his hand dried up. So he started crying and asked for mercy. Khwaja Sahib (R.A) pardoned him and his hand recovered. The man immediately became the disciple of Khwaja Sahib (R.A).
It said that once Khwaja Sahib (R.A) was passing through a Jungle, some atheist dacoits came in his way. They used to snatch belonging of travelers and if the traveler was a Muslim they used to kill him as well. When these decoits faced Khwaja Sahib (R.A), there happened a miracle, The band of decoits who had been engaged in looting and killing the people, started trembling with fear, and fell on the feet of Khwaja Sahib (R.A) and said, "we are your slaves. Be kind to us" when they repented Khwaja Sahib (R.A) made them recite Kalima and thus they accepted Islam. Khwaja Sahib (R.A) forbade them for looting and murdering in the name of the Almighty.
It is said –During his tour, Khwaja sahib (R.A), Ohududdin Kirmani (R.A) and Shaikh Shahbudin(R.A) were sitting together at a place and discussing some religious point of faith. Suddenly a young boy with a bow and arrow in hand passed by Khwaja Sahib (R.A) saw him and said, " The boy is the future king of Delhi."
And his prediction proved to be true and boy became the king of Delhi with the name of king Shamsuddin Altamash and ruled the country for about 26 years.
One day, a weeping old woman came to him and said, "Huzoor, the ruler had killed my innocent son. For God sake, help me."
Hearing the woman, Khwaja Sahib (R.A) was moved very much. He with his sceptre in his hand accompanied the old woman. Many followers and disciples also accompanied him. He arrived at the dead body of the boy, stood there silently and gazed at it for quite a long time. Then he stepped towards the body, put his hand on It said, " O boy, if you have been killed innocent, come to life by the grace of ALLAH." He just completed his sentence, the boy was alive. Khwaja Sahib (R.A) further said, " The man should be so close to ALLAH that his prayers are to accepted without any delay. If it is not, then he is not a Faqir."
Though Khwaja Sahib (R.A) had no means of income but he set up a langerkhana ( alms- house). The food was so abundant there that all the poor and needy of the city were fed with it. It is said that he directed the Chief of the alms- house to demand as much money as needed for the langarkana. The Chief used to come to him daily in the morning. On his arrival Khwaja Sahib (R.A) used to unfold the corner of his Musalla and asked him to take whatever required from the hidden treasury. He himself used to keep fast and broke it with the dried barley bread, weighing not more than five misqal (few grms)
A man came to him with the bad intention of killing him and showed great faith and loyalty to Khwaja Sahib (R.A). But his intention was revealed to Khwaja Sahib (R.A). So he said, "I am here, Do whatever you desire." Hearing this, the man started trembling and with great humbleness he told that it was not his own desire. Some other man wanted him to commit this heinous crime. Then he took out the dagger, and placed it before Khwaja Sahib (R.A) and asked for punishment. But Khwaja Sahib (R.A) said, " Revenge is not the practice of the Saints. Well, I pardon you." The man fell into the feet of Khwaja Sahib (R.A), repented, accepted Islam and became a disciple.
It is said, during the period of Khwaja Sahib (R.A) stay in Ajmer, the people from far and nearby, who went for the pilgrimage of Haj, on return used to tell that they have seen Khwaja Sahib (R.A) circumambulating the Khana-e-Kaaba; while in fact Khwaja Sahib (R.A) never want for Haj after his stay in Ajmer.
Once, Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A) was meeting with the king in the fort of Delhi. The other officials were also present there. Suddenly a characterless woman came there and asked justice. She requested the king to get her married, since she was under the state of mental pain. The king asked her to whom she wanted to be married, and which sort of agony she is facing, she said, "The fellow who is very close to you and called himself as Qutub has raped me. As a result I am pregnant. " Hearing the entire episode, all those present were shocked . They pulled down their heads with shame. Qutub Sahib (R.A) was also ashamed . He could do nothing but he turned his face towards Ajmer and called Khwaja Sahib (R.A) for his help. As and when Khwaja Sahib (R.A) heard cry of his dear disciple for help, he immediately reached there. He asked Qutub Sahib (R.A), "What is the matter ? Qutub Sahab (R.A) could not speak a single word and tears started rolling out of his eyes. The episode was revealed to Khwaja Sahib (R.A).
All this made Khwaja Sahib (R.A) very much angry. He turned to the crooked lady and said " O child, inside womb, your mother has alleged that Qutab Sahib (R.A) is your father. Tell whether it is true ?"
There was a clear voice, from inside the womb, heard by all present there. The child said, The statement is all wrong. The woman is a prostitute and has been sent by the enemies of Qutub Sahib (R.A) to insult and defame him." All the people were much surprised on hearing all about. The woman himself admitted her false allegation.
Khwaja Sahib (R.A) said, Only Allah can award honour and repute." And then he returned. Except Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A), all were much surprised on arrival and disappearance of Khwaja Sahib (R.A).
It is said that one day, one of his disciples came to him. Khwaja Sahib (R.A) was busy in offering prayers. When he finished his prayers and turned to the disciple the disciple said "huzoor the ruler of the city has ordered me to exile without any fault of mine. So I am in great trouble." Khwaja Sahib (R.A) kept silence for some time, then said, " Don’t worry he has been punished. "When the disciple returned to the city, he heard the news that the ruler fell from the back of the horse and has died.
One day, Khwaja Sahib (R.A) was sitting near Anna Sager, A shepherd with some calves passed by, He said to the shepherd, " Dear give me some milk. "The Shepherd took it as a joke and said " Baba, they are calves and do not give milk. Khwaja Sahib (R.A) smiled and pointed towards a female calf and said, "Brother, I will take her milk." When the shepherd laughed, Khwaja Sahib (R.A) insisted, "Just see". The shepherd was very much surprised when he saw that her udders had become large and were full of milk. So he milked the calf which was enough for 40 persons. Seeing it, the Shepherd fell into the feet of Khwaja Sahib (R.A) and became his disciple.
One day, Khwaja Sahib (R.A) was sitting among the disciples and preaching. Suddenly he saw something on his right side. He stood up as paying respect to somebody. It happened again and again as and when he glanced towards right side. When the assembly was over and people left away, one of his servants asked the reason as to why he had been standing up repeatedly on having a look at right side. Khwaja Sahib (R.A) said, "The Mazar of my Peer-o-Murshid is located in that direction. As I looked towards that direction, the Mazar came before my eyes, so I stood up to offer respect."
It was the assembly of the saints. Everyone of them agreed to show his miracles. Thus Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) turned his Musallah and took out some pieces of gold and gave them to a Durvesh and asked him to bring some sweets for all present their. Shaikh Ohuddin Kirmani (R.A) touched a piece of wood and it turned into gold.
When Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) insisted, Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) knew through Divine inspiration that one of the persons of the present assembly is hungry but could not tell others because of modesty . Thus Khwaja Sahib (R.A) took out four barley Rotis and put them before the person.

The childhood of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) was full of miseries and hardships. He spent his youth in search of knowledge and truth. At the age of about 50 years, when he has almost settled in Ajmer and the preaching services were on the top, he dreamt Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) who said," O Moinuddin! You have been very active in obeying Allah’s orders but why didn’t you follow my sunnah.". Thus , Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) made two marriages, one after another.


1. Hazrat Khwaja Fakhrudin (R.A)

He was the eldest son of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) he was a great saint and a scholar as well, he died in Sarwar town some 40 miles away from Ajmer, his URS is celebrated on the 6th of shaban every year with great Favour.

2. Hazrat Khwaja Hissamuddin (R.A)

He was the 2nd son and was also a great saint as well, he possed the quality of salvation, he made tough excessive for self-purification at the age of 45, he disappeared from the human eyes and joined religious fraternity.

3. Hazart Khwaja Ziauddin Abu Sayeed (R.A)

He was the youngest son of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz(R.A) his mazar-e-mubarak is in the premise of the shrine.

4. Hazrat Bibi Hafiza Jamal (R.A)

She was the only daughter of Huzoor Gharib Nawaz (R.A) she was of great religious personality. she guided thousand of women to the righteous path. her mazar-e-mubarak is located just near the mazar of Huzoor Gharib Nawaz (R.A).

With the beginning of 633 hijri, Gharib Nawaz (R.A) knew as it was revealed to him that it was the last year of his life. So he issued necessary instruction and prepared the will for his desipels, awarded khilafat to the eligible and also invited Khawaja Qutubudin Bhaktiyar Kaki (R.A) to Ajmer .

One day Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) was sitting in the jama masjid of ajmer his close disciples were also present their. suddenly he turned toward Shaikh Ali Sangar (R.A) and asked him to write the order of the kilafat for Khawaja Qutubudin Bhakitiyar Kaki (R.A) and made him his khalifa (descendent) after this Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) handed him the Holy Quran, Carpet ,and the Sandles and then said "know you this is the trust of the holy Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W), Which has reached to me from my pir-o-murshid , I entrust this to you .after this he took the hands of Qutubudin Bhaktiyar Kaki (R.A),and looking towards the sky said "I HAVE ENTRUSTED YOU TO ALLAH AND HAVE CAUSED YOU TO REACH THE PLASE OF HONUR AND RESPECT ".

Then on 5th and 6th rajab Gharib Nawaz(R.A) entered his cell and started reciting the Quran. through out the night the voice was heard but in the morning the voice was stopped so my ansastors opened the door and saw our Gharib Nawaz (R.A) had left for heavenly abode and following words were shining on his forehead.


The very same night Qutubudin Bhaktiyar Kaki (R.A) saw in the dream the holy Prophet (S.A.W) as saying


The news of his death spread immediately through out the city people in thousand came to his place his eldest son Khawaja Fakhruddin (R.A) leaded the namaz-e-janaza. Since then this holy astana has been the attraction of entire world and "Insha Allah" will remain till the dooms day * AMIN YA RAHIM * .


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